When Trump lied boldly and with impunity he released us to think and act just as fearlessly. It’s our choice. The cannon is loose on a sea everyone knows is rocky, crashing around on the deck and threatening the ship. It is sheer, dumb weight, unaware of where it’s going, mere acting out. Trump’s self-unleashing was admired by followers as a desire for freedom. To us likewise it says, “unleash yourselves.” We are however free to do it differently. Instead of acting out, we can choose to be aware and act out of awareness. We can get our sea legs and move around swiftly and deftly, acknowledging but not trapped in worrying about the damage.

After the performance the other night, however, a Hamilton actor tried to batten down the hatches. He delivered a speech to Pence, in the audience: “Please, sir, protect us.” That was not a bold but a fearful act on bended knee, the humble peasant petitioning the king. Not a word of counter-threat if the petition is denied! Claiming to speak for us, it proclaimed our powerlessness in the hope not to be trampled by the army of elephants chomping at the bit, as if the king himself was not leading the charge. While the audience applauded, the speech effectively recognized and respected Trump’s power. It was exactly the response desired by those who have declared war on us. If not Pence, certainly Trump laughed up his sleeve at hearing it. Publicly he asked for the peasant to take back his plea; even a petition is offensive.

The bull in the china shop is already wrecking the place. It is futile and demeaning to go around trying to glue the pieces back together.

We are entering an era where those holding legal and armed power will seek to roll the entire world back to before the watershed of the sixties, leaving only technology and capital in place. Trump believes he has the power and legitimacy to accomplish this revolution from his perch above. As for those who resist, he has said he will change the libel laws, aiming to put any dissenting views out of business. This restitution of censorship will punish any media that opposes him, including posts such as this. After Trump’s election his campaign manager Conway threatened Harry Reid, the head Democratic senator, with legal action for his prior and preemptively any future criticism. Trump also did not deny he might still prosecute Hillary.

These are not fools talking through their hats. The arbitrariness of autocracy is right on target. Whatever they actually do, they intend to have a chilling effect, such as: “From now on let’s be a little careful what we say in public.” Such defeatism and plea-bargaining, as if we are guilty of something, is already filling the air.

The new situation Trump has created we can turn to our use, emancipating us from any such thinking. It is the old normal, pragmatic realism, and we are no longer obligated to follow it. A new reality is in the works and we’re already part of it.

The bullies talk big but fear us, as well they should. “We” are not only the massive Democratic party and major institutions but the 73% of eligible voters that either voted against Trump or were suppressed, sat on their hands in disgust at the choice, or simply didn’t care to vote. (That figure: 164 million out of 225 million eligible voters). The fox thinks he’s in the henhouse, which now includes those whom p.c. protected from hate, joined now by their erstwhile protectors–Reid, Hillary, the NY Times and all the p.c. liberals. And why would Obama himself be immune, should he stop being conciliatory? Or any of his voters who become disillusioned turncoats, as surely some will?

Occupy said “We are the 99%,” a dream of common interest and unity. We open our eyes and see that Trump has brought this closer to reality. And let’s not forget: Occupy did not just follow the rural/urban demographic split. Some of those 61 million who pulled the Trump lever were awakened by, active in, or supportive of Occupy just five years ago, and are waiting to see what will happen now. Many voted simply for the one promising the most radical shakeup of the status quo. That’s what we have now. There is something in this that we have also desired. Really, how many of us wanted business as usual?

People are frightened of violence and fear we are moving into that situation, with all those holding the weapons trained against us. That is reasonable, but the surest path to violence is to act weak and beg sympathy from those with whip in hand; it will not save us. Dogs sense fear as a sign of submissiveness and attack, yet it is their own fear that is behind it. We must not be fooled by those who have unilaterally declared war on us. This is not 1932 Germany, they are not Nazis, and we are not weak unless we choose to see ourselves that way. They are the few and we are the many.

Our speech should be, “If you so much as breathe your putrid breath on us you will be digging your own grave. We are watching your every step and do not fear what you can do. You stand on the love and loyalty of your so-called constituency but we have the will and ability to pull them right out from under your feet. We will isolate you and force you into a dungeon of misery; then you will be the ones begging protection. At best we will allow you to eke out your lives without physical harm, which is more than you offer us.”