To my knowledge this wordpress site has not been publicized, so if you are reading it most probably you heard of it from me. This is not a blog as normally conceived but a series of essays which await editing for a book I will publish. I would consider as my editors any readers, whether those to whom I have mentioned it or not. As such I would ask you to identify confusing constructions, inadequate detail or examples, and poorly defended or just ideas that you consider dead-wrong. Send comments not to this site but to my email address: jackwri444 (at)

I write in order to think clearly about what concerns me, which is largely the kind of music I and my partners do (free improvisation), and the relation of this to our broader cultural and social environment. The music is a kind of vortex into which thought on diverse subjects is drawn. Thinking and writing about music is a form of self-critique as well and is intended to have repercussions for the actual playing. I will publish this in order to suggest my insights and critique to as wide a readership as possible, hoping to break what I see as the barriers to music posed by the historical situation and by our way of conceiving what we are doing.